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Strategic Marketing Advisors, LLC (SMA) is a business and marketing consultancy which specializes in helping companies of all sizes get and keep more profitable customers using high-impact, low cost Internet and offline marketing strategies.

  • Business / Marketing Coaching and Consulting.
  • Google Ads Management
  • Business Growth Strategies Using AI Software Automation
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Executive Business Consulting

Executive Business Consulting

Strategic Marketing Advisors provides marketing solutions that address our clients’ most pressing challenges.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

Strategic Marketing Advisors provides Pay-Per Click services through Guerrilla PPC.com.

AI Software/Marketing Automation

AI Software/Marketing Automation

AI and machine learning in software testing deliver better and more effective automation, relieving teams of the burden of repeating

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What We Do

Strategic Marketing Advisors, LLC (SMA) is a business and marketing consultancy which specializes in helping companies of all sizes get and keep more profitable customers using high-impact, low cost marketing strategies.

We specialize in PPC, Reputation Marketing, SEO and Local Search Marketing strategies as well as a number of other services.

And even though our customer base consists of some of the world’s most creative and successful companies – large and small – in varying industries, both here in the US and abroad, they all have one thing in common: they share our enthusiasm for discovering ways to make their businesses more effective.

And regardless of the venue our goals are always to:

  • Encourage our clients to pursue their passion and achieve their goals… creatively, affordably, realistically, and intelligently!
  • Assist our clients by guiding their business decisions and transferring our marketing expertise to them… so they no longer need us!
  • Supply our clients with the tools and resources they need to make it happen!

Smart, Practical Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Advisors: Professional Consultants With Proven Track Records

If you’re like many of our visitors, you’re an entrepreneur, small to medium-sized business owner or manager, non-profit employee, service professional, marketing director or manager, business student or someone starting (or considering) their own business.

But most importantly, you’re looking for answers you can trust from qualified professionals who can help you solve your most pressing marketing challenges and ensure that they remain solved.

You may also be looking for help for…
  • Turning your ailing business around
  • Gaining the edge over your competitors
  • Improving your online presence so your prospect can find you
  • Developing a well-thought-out marketing plan
  • Identifying areas of your business – both online and offline – that are negatively impacting your ability to achieve your goals
Professional Consultants With Proven Track Records
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Client Reviews

Our Testimonials

Gary Harford

"Hi Mary, I would like to let you know that your doing an outstanding job. I've learned alot so far from the teaching's of your adwords course, and look forward to Module III coming up next week."

Brian Austin

"I've just finished reading "The Procrastinator's Guide to Marketing" from www.StrategicMarketingAdvisors.com. What a joy! It’s an excellent new book written in true, easy-to-read style by authors and marketers Mary and David Scarborough. I've not yet seen anything quite like this book: it is truly unique! Here's why. After reviewing this..."

Helen Jones

"Hi Mary, thanks for the webinar, brilliant presentation again. Your calculator is absolutely brilliant - thank you."

Ariana Daglian

"Hi Mary, thank you so much for the high quality you pack into your teaching. We're glad we signed up and love the intensity!"

Venan E. Thompson

"Superlatives are inadequate to express the quality of everything Mary and David brought to the Guerrilla PPC Class. They started as mentors and finished as friends. They gave us with the feeling that we can always approach them for assistance with an issue we know was covered sometime during the..."

Brian Tracy

"This is an incredible book, a virtual bible for getting more customers, making more sales and increasing profitability. Every business owner should read and apply these great ideas."

Michael Port

"Think of something dependable, practical, and reliable, something you can count on ... you've just thought of this book. Simply put, it's a problem-solving tool. If you're a procrastinator, or you've got marketing problems, this book is your solution. It's clear, simple and succinct."

Steve K

"Mary, thanks for the good information once again."

Nick George

"You're doing a great job and I have definitely learned a lot, and hopefully this week I can start finally implementing what you've taught us, especially Google AdWords and Analytics to track my keywords. Thanks again."

Andre Boykin

"Hi Mary, please post the interpretation information for the marketing IQ self analysis. BTW, the first session was awesome! Thanks."

Mike James

"Great info. Looking forward to next week."

Fermin Aravena

"This is awesome! I've been working around the adword campaigns for a while without success. Amazing what I learned in your seminar. Finally, I got the big picture. Thanks so much."

Gary Welsch

"This has all been very useful information and you've done a great job answering questions. What if we think of questions down the road, will you still be available to answer them?"

Steve K

"Mary, thanks for the good information once again."

Brian Schneider

"Believe me when I tell you that this course is worth every single dollar you pay for it! Stop wasting your money on second rate "how to's"! Get in the game and get effective at what you are marketing with PPC!"

Mitch Meyerson

"Business owners in every industry should add The Procrastinator's Guide to Marketing to their reference library. Written in the same spirit as Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing book series, it provides a similar relevant context for solid marketing strategies and practical tactics. Mary and David Scarborough approach the tricky topic of..."

Jeff Lewi

Hi Mary, I wish I could spend about 6 months just looking over your shoulder. Since that's not likely to happen I'm paying real close attention to the Boot Camp training. It's been quite informative so far and I'm looking forward to the next sessions. I think it's been money well spent. Jeff Lewi

Andre Boykin

Hi Mary, please post the interpretation information for the marketing IQ self analysis. BTW, the first session was awesome! Thanks.

Rick R

Mary, thank you so much for deciding to teach this class. I almost have tears in my eyes as I write this email to you. Just the information you covered last night in Module One was worth the price of admission alone. Up until now, I've been afraid of AdWords because I didn't know how to properly build a campaign or who to go to. In the next 6 weeks I know that I will be armed with the tool and principles to go on a build a significant online business. There are so many people out there teaching misinformation. I begin to get serious with marketing online on May 15, 2009. To date, I've only generated one sale and It came from an AdWords campaign someone supposedly taught me. I am still very optimistic about applying what I learn from you and coupling it with NPC niche websites. I am so excited about marketing online and I just wanted you to know just how valuable this information is that you're teaching. I've got to master this because I have no choice. Many people may not understand how foundational the information you shared on last night's call was, since we did not get into specific strategies. However, I think it really set the tone of how wonderful a teacher you are and how much you really care. I just wanted you to know this. Have a great weekend.

Fermin Aravena

This is awesome! I've been working around the AdWords campaigns for a while without success. Amazing what I learned in your seminar. Finally, I got the big picture.

Joe Wilson

Fantastic class! Lots of tremendous information. This was way more than just an Adwords class, it was a first rate marketing class! Lots of truly helpful marketing principles were taught using Google Adwords as the tool to be a more effective marketer. The value in this class is way more than the cost. Thanks Mary for offering this opportunity to learn from you! I hope to have the chance again. It was great!

Mark Thomas

Your class on Adwords was well organized and it really helped me get a basic, solid understanding of the connection between keywords and how they're used in ad groups. I particularly found useful your explanations of identifying negative keywords and why its so important to keep them out of ad groups. Keeping ad costs under control is hard, but your information provides the ammo to get the best ROI on dollars spent. Thanks for the great classes and follow-up materials.

Bruce Fields

Mary Scarborough is obviously the real deal and sincerely wants her students to be successful. This comes across in the completeness of her approach to her teaching PPC. She doesn't just stop at analyzing Google with all it's labyrinthine rules and formulas, but also explains how the follow up to your ads has to also be paid attention to and seriously treated. I wasn't willing to even consider starting a PPC campaign before taking her course, but since completing it have created one which I can afford and which I am able to monitor and tweak every day, based on the incredibly valuable information Mary taught me. There are a lot of so called "gurus" out there and maybe some of them might have something useful to teach you, but for my money, Mary has got PPC nailed and her character makes it even better to teach you what you really need to know and to understand.

Ricky Benns

I enjoyed the Adwords bootcamp. The course was quite thorough and Mary really took her time in clarifying areas that were unclear. It showed me how to create an Adwords campaign from scratch even if I had no prior experience. One of the things I loved most about the course was the metrics. I think that it's important to know how to measure the results that you're getting and continue to tweak them for a better quality score. Another thing I loved about the course is that it teaches you how to think for yourself and how to rely on your own intuition. It's very important to know the difference between principles and tactics. Principles are for the long haul while tactics will only last for a brief time. I would highly recommend this course to both newbies and advanced Adwords enthusiasts.

Theo Steward

I had the privilege of attending one of Mary's first Adwords Acceleration Bootcamps. Mary showed me how powerful a tool Google's AdWords PPC tool really is and how it should be used. What's more, my campaigns now cost me less and make me more money (big smile!). Isn't that precisely what we all want when we advertise? You will get a lot more than you thought you bargained for, that much I can predict. It is impossible to come out of Adwords Acceleration Bootcamp and NOT save impressive amounts of advertising money while at the same time getting better results! (more leads, more sales, more ROI). Go for it while you can, as it is exceptional stuff from a true expert who knows her stuff. It just is one of those things one has to do to add to one's chances of succeeding.

A Boykin

If it were not for the Adwords Acceleration Bootcamp, I would never have been able to launch my first Adwords campaign. When I signed up for the course I did not even have an Adwords account. Mary walked through each step of the process in a clear and understandable way. Her explanation of principles and strategies were easy to follow and implement. I was able to get my account set up, launch campaigns not only on Google, but also on Yahoo and Bing. The course not only helped me with Adwords campaigns, but helped me learn and make practical application of good marketing principles for my website as well. This holistic approach was just what I needed.


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