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Welcome To Strategic Marketing Advisors

Strategic Marketing Advisors, LLC (SMA) is a business and marketing consultancy which specializes in helping companies of all sizes get and keep more profitable customers using high-impact, low cost Internet and offline marketing strategies.

  • Business / Marketing Coaching and Consulting.
  • Google Ads Management
  • Business Growth Strategies Using AI Software Automation

We Offer A Wide
Range Of Services

Executive Business Consulting

Strategic Marketing Advisors provides marketing solutions that address our clients’ most pressing challenges.

Google Ads Management

Strategic Marketing Advisors provides Pay-Per Click services through Guerrilla

AI Software/Marketing Automation

AI and machine learning in software testing deliver better and more effective automation, relieving teams of the burden of repeating

Why Choose Us?

What We Do

Strategic Marketing Advisors, LLC (SMA) is a business and marketing consultancy which specializes in helping companies of all sizes get and keep more profitable customers using high-impact, low cost marketing strategies.

We specialize in PPC, Reputation Marketing, SEO and Local Search Marketing strategies as well as a number of other services.

And even though our customer base consists of some of the world’s most creative and successful companies – large and small – in varying industries, both here in the US and abroad, they all have one thing in common: they share our enthusiasm for discovering ways to make their businesses more effective.

And regardless of the venue our goals are always to:

  • Encourage our clients to pursue their passion and achieve their goals… creatively, affordably, realistically, and intelligently!
  • Assist our clients by guiding their business decisions and transferring our marketing expertise to them… so they no longer need us!
  • Supply our clients with the tools and resources they need to make it happen!

Smart, Practical Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Advisors: Professional Consultants With Proven Track Records

If you’re like many of our visitors, you’re an entrepreneur, small to medium-sized business owner or manager, non-profit employee, service professional, marketing director or manager, business student or someone starting (or considering) their own business.

But most importantly, you’re looking for answers you can trust from qualified professionals who can help you solve your most pressing marketing challenges and ensure that they remain solved.

You may also be looking for help for…
  • Turning your ailing business around
  • Gaining the edge over your competitors
  • Improving your online presence so your prospect can find you
  • Developing a well-thought-out marketing plan
  • Identifying areas of your business – both online and offline – that are negatively impacting your ability to achieve your goals
We’re Here To Help

Contact Us Now For Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation.

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